Creating a blog is a great way to improve your local SEO Rankings

An effective business website is a 'hub" of information.  That's where your prospects can find out more about you.  This will give them an overview of your business, contact information, galleries, videos and details of the services and products that you sell. The website should deliver a professional sense of confidence and trust to your website visitors. 

Your "On Page" factors include having the right keywords in the right places and in the right format.  It involves having a site map and submitting your site to Google for verification.  In addition "Off Page" factors are important to your rankings.  This involves having all your auxiallary Internet properites set up completely and consistently to build high quality back links to your website.  You can watch a webinar on this at Electric Store Front Marketing Services

However, once your website is created you need some additional juice to have it show up online for other keywords you may want to target.  That's where blogging can help.

A Blog Post is a "Website"

Whenever you make a blog post it acts like an independent searchable entity on the internet. That means that you can create additonal properties in conjunciton with your website so that you can get found online for different target keywords.

Two Types of Blogs

You can use free and low cost blogs that will service this purpose.

A new type of blog enables you to also monetize your blog posts.  That means that you can deliver your companies information and improve your SEO rankings and links into your website while adding additional streams of income to your portfolio. The link the free video on this page can show you how to do that.